Friday, May 29, 2009

Motorcycles are ready to fly!

With about 2 weeks' practise, the motorcycles are finally ready to fly.

Because of the new motorcycles we have this year, longer and heavier, our warriors have to do a lot of adjustment before we can put them in the show. But with their courage and experience, they should be able to be in the show from next week. Last night, a lot of the guests stay to see them practise after the show, even we just show them 3 at once, they got amazed.

We are looking forward to have the motorcycles in the show all the time, but it's too dangerous to push them. Lots of guests come to see the motorcycles, but we feel sorry we can't put them on before that. But they really tried very hard and finally get ready to fly.

But I have to say, even without the motorcycles, it's already a good show now, with all the exciting acrobats and powerful and beautiful drums, people enjoy it! From next week, if no other problem, with the motorcycles in the show, the 2009 “Cirque De Chine" will finally get completed.

We are looking forward to welcome people to join us, with the most exciting and fun performance in the smokies, which will not be seen in any place else in the United States.

Monday, March 23, 2009

03.23.09 New Show Starts!

Today, the 2009 Cirque De Chine finally got on show, with about 150 audience in the theatre, although it looks few in the 1700 seats big house, it's already beyond our expect.

With so much difficults, all the stage equipment has been hold by the US custom for more than a week, we can only put on a really small show for the guests, we have the most popular act---Flying motorcycle---hidden behind the curtain but can not perform without the motorcycle; we have the lovely drum girls watching the show down the stage in stead of be on the stage because they have no drum to play; we have the acrobats prepared for a year to put on a great show but they can hardly do anything without the equipment.......

And also because the music was just done a while ago after we got for sure that the container can't arrive on time, it's not the music it was supposed to be. The show is not the show it should be now, it should be bigger, more splendent and more powerful, but now......we can only do what we can do to make the show looks not bad, and tell them the reason, hope they can understand and welcome them back again later for the whole show! We really feel sorry for the guests today, especially the people come for the Motorcycle or Drums....

I got a message on my phone without call back number, just showed his disappointed about the show, about putting the ads out but no drum no motorcycle on stage. We explained before the show starts, but maybe not clear, we promised that we give half price for them to be back again for the whole show, we really do want them to share the great time with us, with the great show. So please understand what we are now, and do remember to back again.

Hope we can resolve the problem soon, to prensent the real Cirque De Chine....

And happy birthday to Tu Jiang, one of our talent performer~!